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These are several work I've made since I haven't been around on DA so for those that are watching I hope that you enjoy my work and I hope that I will continue working more in the future

Gift For a friend of mine by Tom-125
icon made by :icontom-125:



Gift: For her, I'll gladly suffer alone... by CommanderNova702
Gift: For her, I'll gladly suffer alone...
"Why fight the inevitable...Dragon Slayer, why fight when you know that this Human your protecting can never come to accept your feelings," The bulkish Jiralhanae with a cruel smirk persuaded to the Dragon Slayer still baring his arm out against the hammer of the God Slayer, insisting him into resolving his actions. "You know too well that your own existence is simply too heavy for her and those around her to handle..."

The massive Jiralhanae leaned close so that his face was but an inch near Nova's own, both red eyes forever staring at one another with hatred and anger. "So tell me...why waste your life, for this Human?"

The Dragon Slayer stood vast, still keeping the Hammer back from the three Humans now under his guarding.

Taking a brief glance back to Rachel, he could see the confusion on both Sorrow and Abigail. But knew full well of what Rachel was going through, he can already catch notion of her scent emitting fear and concern not only towards the God Slayer still prepared to kill her and her family...but the fear of the Mercenary now standing before her, uncertain whether his desire for her is still lit ablaze that nearly ended her life and the life of the previous man she loved.

Under the helmet of the Ultra-Harness that gave out an intimidating expressing, was the expression of Nova looking down in regret and pain...slowly had those pain subside to defiance as he slowly shifted his gaze back to meet the Jiralhanaes deathly glare.

"Because...when it comes to fighting...monsters like you. Protecting Rachel...was by far the only thing connecting myself with her..." His head tilt slightly down with his voice becoming low, leaving only the God Slayer to hear his words. "And I know...all too well that I shouldn't come anywhere close to her, even if its hurting me to see her in someone else arms...I'll just end up hurting those she cares about again..."

His mind had eventually undergo past moments of the day he was lost to the monster within his souls, his beastly form held Rachel in his mouth by her neck with the very taste of her blood still haunting in his mind. And it eventually moved onward to the deaths of thousands that were killed by his flames, with the sound of countless screams going on under the shadows of his wings that flapped down on the world with power and dominance. Those alone had forever horrified his mind and dreams, a day does not go by where he wishes not to let the demons get the better of him once more. 

"The only way to keep myself from hurting everyone ever again, is to stay away from them...which is why I've chosen to stay alone...and I don't mind it. I don't care whether I'm accepted or not! As long as it means that Rachel and her family won't ever get hurt by a monster like you or even me ever again," Viciously whipping his head up high to meet the God Slayer, his strength surged through the arm that held the hammer as he swat it away with tremendous force that forced Barodious to slide back from his previous area, only to catch sight of the Dragon Slayer lunging forward. His fist ignited in flames raised high while unleashing a thunderous roar. "I'LL GLADLY BE THE ONE TO SUFFER ALONE!"

I was inspired into doing this SFM shot after listening to one of Starset's song, "Halo". Short summery of the scene before you, Barodious Cerebrus: The Flame God Slayer whom is responsible for the kidnapping of Abigail; the daughter of both Rachel Auri and Sorrow. The God Slayer himself was but an inch close to finishing them off with a single blow of his Hammer. But his actions have been prevented upon the return of another Slayer, whom is still at fault for the deaths of thousands after letting the beast get the better of him. Now he stands in the face of battle against his rival foe, willing to combat the God Slayer to prevent harm against the woman he know's that he could never be with...

L.A.C Commander Nova: The Fire Dragon Slayer and Barodious Antagonai: The Flame God Slayer belongs to @ ME! Natsu - sexy eyes 

Spartan-IV Commander Rachel Auri and Abigail belongs to @ :iconvideogamemaniac001:: Auri.

Shadowstalker Sorrow belongs to @ :iconodstshane: Shane.

Settled in the middle of the forest with the sound of several Storm Covenant aircrafts passing above with flash of search lights scanning the ground with lighting flashing out in the background of the sky with rain falling down onto the earth, wondered the lone Mercenary now wondering through the thick green of the forest that was soon to be infested with Storm Covenant enemies of three distinct races; Sangheili, Unggoy and Kig-Yar. His encounter with the enemy was not what he expect to be a low profile, leaving behind him were batches of slaughtered Covenant troops scattered everywhere. Some of which were burnt alive, whilst the rest have been slashed by either both talons and his Dragons Bane.

Unfortunately for the Flame-Lotus, these accidental encounters with small forces of the Storm Covenant were of great distractions of the Mercenaries primary goal on this unoccupied planet known to compose a great deal of dangerous beasts and unruly weather conditions.

His primary mission, was to terminated a wanted Sangheili Warlord criminal under the name of Von 'Rohomee; whom alone took credit for the attack that recently occurred several months ago that led to the deaths of a hundred thousand unarmed civilians that stood no chance against his forces, all for the sake of acquiring a long-lost Forerunner Artifact that led him to the destination of an uncharted planet. 

The Dragon Slayer, as an act of vengeance for the deaths of those who were murdered by the hands of the Sangheili Warlord took it upon himself to accept the contract of killing Von and destroying the Artifact to prevent both Covenant or ONI from ever using its power.

The Mercenary leapt tree to tree as he continued with his search, slowly but steadily had his snout picked up an ominous scent unaccounted with the Storm Covenant. No doubt that this was his competitor in search of his target, but it was unclear as to whom these individuals were and as to what faction they belong.

"Guess I’m not the only one hunting Von down…" The Mercenary muttered, rain clashing down against his armor that continued to give out metallic noises.

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Salutations ladies and gentlemen of the social internet that we've all come to love and enjoy on our free time, mah name's Commander Nova and I'm just your casual trademark dude whose just out to make new friends and forge fond memories that are just worth remembering for millennia heheh. I like to do art that involves it being digital through either SFM or Gmod means, whilst also enjoying a few gaming action with friends I've come to enjoy hanging out it.

Gamertag: CommanderNova26(I only accept Friend Request if their from my DA-Friends List.)


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Yes I am an RP person, deal with it! :iconbadassplz:

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